Touch screen spectrophotometer

Touch screen spectrophotometer
Price : 7200.00 €
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  • Innovative touch interface and large color touch screen 7 LCD
  • Provides a large memory capacity (10 concentration curves, 10 spectrum scanning curves and 10 kinetic curves) with storage of tested data
  • Connection to printer, you can export the data tested.
  • Through an USB port, spectrophotometer can be connected to a PC using the UVWin8 software (not included), so you can operate instrument from computer and enjoy new features
  • Single beam, holographic grating 1,200 lines/mm .
  • Silicon photocell
  • Motorised automatic 8-cells holder for 10 mm path-length cells.
  • Connections / external outputs: 1 Ethernet, 2 USB and para- llel port output 25 pins
  • ARM Processor high performance, stable and reliable
Designed by factoryfy and optimized by MACM Scientific


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